MCT Carrier Oil

If you have come this far in your CBD journey, you have probably heard the term ‘carrier oil’ being casually thrown around, but what is it exactly, and what role does it play in CBD?

Carrier oils are used within CBD oil to improve its bioavailability. Naturally, CBD oil is a fat-soluble substance, meaning it absorbs better in fat rather than water. By adding CBD to a carrier oil, it helps your body absorb and digest the CBD oil, so you can enjoy the endless benefits.

Now, there are four main types of carrier oil used in CBD production, and whilst they are all very different and vary in properties, they do share two main similarities. First, they are all light in scent and flavour. Second, they do not interfere with our body's natural ability to absorb a substance.

The four main carrier oils used are:

  • Coconut oil (MCT)
  • Hemp Seed Oil
  • Olive Oil
  • Palm Oil

Here at The Botanical Factory, our ethos is to harness the power of nature, and that is why we use coconut MCT oil as a carrier for all our CBD drops.

MCT is found naturally within coconuts and is one of the most effective and efficient carriers for CBD, not to mention it boasts a whole host of health benefits on its own. To really understand why we use MCT oil, it is important to understand exactly what MCT is, and where it comes from.

The first thing you should note is that MCT oil is completely odourless and has a natural golden-brown colour to it. It also possesses optimal fat content, making it an excellent carrier oil for CBD.

What is MCT?
MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides, which are commonly found in coconuts. The term medium-chain triglycerides refer to the specific length of fatty acid chains called triglycerides.

Naturally, MCT is completely odourless and is golden brown in colour.

How is MCT extracted?
To extract MCT from the coconut, the coconut must go through a fractionating process, which skims the large fat molecules from the oil, leaving behind the MCTs which the body can easily break down.

Why does MCT work so well with CBD?
MCT oil is one of the most commonly used carriers used with CBD because it possesses a relatively small molecular structure. AS CBD is a fat-soluble substance, MCT’s fatty acid chains improve its bioavailability making it easier for the human body to digest.

Its golden-brown liquid is clear and odourless, giving it a natural, yet pleasant taste that compliments the harsh, earthy taste of CBD, which does not appeal to everybody.

What health benefits does MCT offer?
MCT has been linked with several health benefits for humans, to name a few:

  • MCT may promote weight loss.
  • It may provide a good source of energy.
  • It could reduce lactate build-up for athletes.
  • It may help regulate blood sugar levels.
  • May reduce the risk of heart disease.

All our MCT is derived from organic coconuts and made free of any harsh chemicals. The MCT is extracted using a special, certified process that slowly chills the oil and separates the fats that remain solid at room temperature.

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